How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

It can be too easy to start a blog.
There’s the easy way and there’s the right way.

You need to incorporate it with a business and start making cash quick, isn’t that so? Everything sounds simple and it is, however that is the issue.

Few steps to start your first blog:

1. Find your niche

First question: What Do I Want to Blog About?

The inquiries I generally get posed is “What would it be a good idea for me to blog about?” or “What sort of business would it be advisable for me to make with my blog?”.

The rundown here is interminable, so it is anything but a simple inquiry to reply.

Figure out how to discover an exceptionally focused on specialty utilizing specialty look into when making a blog. Picking the correct specialty can represent the deciding moment the achievement of your wordpress site.

The most significant thing is your blog and business should be something you are energetic about. In the event that you don’t cherish what you’re doing, your business won’t keep going long.

Pick something you truly like and surprisingly better, pick something you know a great deal about.

You don’t need to be a specialist. ​

Never stress over that. Be conversational. Discussion about your passion and try to build it into a business.

Sites can be tied in with anything.

You can make Product Review web journals, you can blog about fishing or hunting, you can show individuals how to weave, or you can blog about legislative issues, motion pictures, or music.

The rundown continues endlessly.

2. Select Your Domain Name

The domain name you pick ought to match with your specialty, however it doesn’t need to be keyword explicit.

A long time back it was fundamental to get a domain name which had the exact keywords of your niche in it to be successf ul.

This is not true anymore.

What is significant currently is that the space fits the brand you are attempting to make. Probably the greatest web journals on the web like Mashable have names which aren’t watchword explicit, yet hotshot a one of a kind brand which is effectively recollected. This is significant when beginning any business, not only a blog.

Despite everything I like to utilize the enormous three with regards to purchasing areas (.com, .net, and .organization), however in the event that you discover space you like and it has marking implicit, use it.

3. Choose Your Hosting company

Website hosting is one of the most critical elements of your business and one which is taken for granted by a lot of new website owners.

I tell beginners and advanced users this all the time and most people end up learning this the hard way.  I can’t stress enough how important a good hosting provider is for the success of your business.  It is important that you pick a good hosting company or you and your business will suffer for it.​

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